Blank Narrow Addendum Paperback 2 7/8″X11″ Sticker Stock

From $12.50 per 50 forms

50 - 249   $0.25 per form
250 - 499   $0.23 per form
500 - 999   $0.21 per form
1000 -    $0.20 per form


Addendum Blanks. Print your own second stickers that seal on all four sides to stick to the inside of a window and easily roll up and down without wrinkling. Runs through your ink printer. The forms are completely blank on the front and back so that you can print your information. Narrow: Overall Size 2-7/8″x11″ with 1/2″ peel top and bottom and 1/4″ peel on sides. Actual print area: 2-3/8″x10″.Wholesale (Auto) Forms supports dealerships with FTC approved, dealership-quality stickers that last for the life of each vehicle on your lot. Never replace an auto form again. Don’t see exactly what you want? Custom forms are available.

Additional information

Weight 0.013 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 2.875 × 0.008 in


Backing Type

Paper Back