Since 1987

Wholesale Forms opened in 1987 when the FTC first put the Used Car Rule into effect requiring all used vehicles sold at the dealership level to have a Buyers Guide in the window.

Our founder, Vic Owens quickly converted from car salesman to forms salesman and manufacturer. As the FTC has severe penalties for window stickers that are missing or fall off, Vic developed a patented process for keeping window stickers on the car’s window until sold, and set up shop supplying auto dealerships across the US with buyers guides, second stickers (addendums), and other products that provide convenience and enhanced marketing to an already-busy dealership. Forms customized for your dealership are surprisingly affordable and add a special touch to all vehicles in your inventory at low cost.

Now Wholesale Forms is led by Vic’s daughter, Tannley Goldberg. Mrs. Goldberg has extensive experience in operating a business through her long career in the hospitality industry. In the early days of Wholesale Forms, Tannley helped her father establish some of our first customers.

She loves the business and is keeping the same customer focus as her father, while improving the company’s business processes and planning to significantly grow the company by marketing to more customers and expanding our offerings.

Serving Auto Dealerships

Vic worked in a dealership as a salesman and also a sales manager – for more than 40 years! He knew that he could serve the very specific needs of the industry…and he knew how to do it well.

Seals on All Four Sides – Lasts Until Your Vehicle Sells!

Every form we sell seals on all four sides – making it easy to roll car windows up and down. They’re manufactured to stick until your vehicle sells.

Same Day or One Business Day

Wholesale Forms has customers across the US and a warehouse full of inventory. We strive to ship out your forms on the same day we receive your order or within one business day.

Fast, Attentive Service

At Wholesale Forms we pride ourselves in putting our customers first and enjoy having a first hand relationship with each customer who contacts us.

Custom Designs

Do you have a specific design in mind? Give us a call. If we don’t sell it, our talented designers will prepare custom forms with your dealership information.

Distributor Inquiries

Distributors – if you want to work with us, visit our distributor page.

Contact Us

Visit our contact us page with any questions. We do our best to respond to all inquiries within one business day.

We’re here to provide convenience and support for auto dealers just like you!

Check out our rich supply of buyers guides, addendums or second stickers, custom window stickers, and more products such as windshield stickers and rearview mirror hangers.