Choosing a sticker material

Wholesale Forms Inc. produces our stickers using three different types of material:

Here are our thoughts on choosing your material.

Plastic Back: Plastic backed forms are our original sticker we have sold since 1987. These can be had in a variety of configurations. Most folks that buy this material as a Buyers Guide use the 3-part carbon. These interior forms keep your dealership legal meeting all federal and your state’s requirements allowing you to write on 3 copies at the same time. Like all our stickers, they seal on all 4 sides and feature an easy to remove adhesive.

Paper Back: Paper back forms can be purchased with multiple carbon copies as the Plastic Back, but most dealers prefer the single copy. All paper back forms feature our exclusive Easy to Peel back cut feature that permit easy peeling and more important, allow them to feed through your printer for over printing without having tabs jam. The Easy to Peel feature requires special die configurations that other vendors simply cannot do. These forms can be printed on both sides by both inkjet and laser printers. These feature a moderately aggresive adhesive.

Vinyl: Our newest material and the material more and more dealers are switching to is our weatherproof external vinyl stickers. Our vinyl products came as a result of dealer requests for a weather resistant external product. We spent quite a bit of time identifying the correct material and configuration. We developed vinyl stickers as the result of dealer requests and advise all our customers to try them.

Like our paper back stickers, these feature our exclusive Easy to Peel kiss cuts, which allow for jam free overprinting and easy peeling.  These are becoming our preferred stickers as they do not require access to the interior of the vehicle and more important, do not damage tint films or are blocked by factory tinting. As they are on the exterior, they present a cleaner more vibrant professional appearance. For dealer addendums and other marketing information, these vinyl stickers enhance the color of our inks, and like all our forms, allow for easy overprinting by any laser printer.
Our vinyl stickers feature an aggresive permanent adhesive.  If you are using them on other than glass, they will require some effort to remove. If you intended to use them for long-term posting, they will stay where you put them. These forms can be printed on both sides.

We strongly advice all our dealers to consider switching to vinyl. As we produce our own blanks and source our own materials, although more expensive than paper, we believe the small additional cost well worth the enhanced appearance of your vehicle and the ease of use. Due to the superior finish of our vinyl, colors pop. No more hunting down keys for lot workers. No more worry about damaging tint films. No more worry about workers getting the inside of a vehicle dirty.